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About -=SYD=-

Post  ~Tr!BAL~ on Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:02 am

-=SYD=- (-=STO=- Youth development) clan is a tactical ops 3.4 clan directly affiliated with one of the best Tactical ops clans arround: -=STO=-

Because -=STO=- has an age limit and a skill requirement it has to turn away many applicants to the clan, and thats where we come in! The main aim of -=SYD=- is to train players that are too young or not yet skilled enough for -=STO=- untill they are old enough or good enough Very Happy

During this process we will try to intergrate with -=STO=- as much as possible so that you can all get an idea of what it si like to be part of the amazing community of players!

So, if you have tried and failed to join -=STO=- then feel free to do an application form and join -=SYD=- or, if you just want to join a clan and improve some skills also feel free to apply xD

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