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Application Form

Post  ~Tr!BAL~ on Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:00 pm

Copy and paste the following into your own 'Application' topic.

Ingame Name:
Real Name:
Birth date:
Your Country:
Which languages do you speak?:
Previous clans (enter the names of clans you have been in in the past, separate by comas write none if you have never had a clan):
Why did you leave your previous clan?:
Why do you want to join $Yd^|| (and in future -=STO=-) and what do you believe you can contribute:
Do you or have you ever cheated?:
Will you be a regular on Tactical Ops:
Will you be active on the forum?:
Have you read the rules and will you follow them?:
Do other people play tactical ops from the same network/computer as you?:
If so who? (what are their names):
Would you leave $Yd^|| if offered a higher rank in a different clan?:
Will you be loyal to $Yd^||?:
your best kills/time/death:

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